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Our Mission

Wildhorn Group helps small business owners grow their local businesses through proven digital marketing approaches, tailored to your individual needs.

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Soap Store Owner

What We Do

Empowering Small Businesses, Digitally

Wildhorn Group is a Florida digital marketing agency specializing in small business SEO and content strategy. Our individualized approach helps small business owners achieve their digital marketing goals.

Grow your business

By implementing SEO best practices alongside tailored content for your site, we can help your business reach more customers organically.

Own your online presence

Attract new customers by having professional local listings and industry-specific profiles, sharing business updates (such as new staff or locations), and relevant content. 

Increase customer retention

Establish trust with claimed and accurate professional profiles and business listings, share industry-specific content customers care about, and engage with customers across your online platforms. 

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Who We Are

Dedicated and Results-Driven

Wildhorn Group was founded by Victoria Wildhorn, a digital marketing specialist with years of experience developing and executing online marketing strategies for in-house teams and business clients alike. 


A South Florida native, Victoria is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University where she studied Information Technology while working in the digital marketing arena. Upon graduating, Victoria went on to work for a local marketing agency where she specialized in link building and local SEO. In her next role, Victoria was responsible for overseeing and executing content marketing strategy for brands in the health and wellness space. Victoria most recently managed an SEO team focused on B2B marketing within a large global IT company, and is now dedicated to helping small business owners grow their businesses. 


Victoria is passionate about helping small businesses grow, meet their customer needs, and be successful. Whether your business is just getting started or has been around for decades, we are dedicated to helping you achieve digital marketing success with our tailored small business marketing approaches. 

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Ready to Grow?
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